MediaExpo 2007


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MediaExpo 2007

Last week, I was at the MediaExpo 2007. It was not what exactly the event name suggest. Nothing Media were there. Silly?

Most exhibitors are manufacturers or printers for OOH use. And you can describe it as a "gathering for competitors"!!! Yes, no kidding!

Basically all competing companies were brought together in a awkward setting, and some booth "visitors" went overboard by studying our products and were asked to leave the booth, disgustingly, maddening, Crazy show I were to put it nicely.

Nevertheless, I had a good time chatting with Allein Moore and KL from AdAsia Magazine. There are probably the Only MEDIA Company there. (Official Magazine guess they have no choice too).

The displays put up were nice….here’s some pictures of my little adventure.

* MediaExpo 2007 & India Property Expo 2007 same Organiser, you know the rest of the story.

* The Exhibitor Pass not bad, Plastic Card leh..

* Sushi made by my HR Director, ST. (My ED, TH in the background)

*Yep, we made the special Jackpot Lightbox signage behind me, cool eh?

* A Giant Bayonet made by my company, hahahahahaha!!!!

The show is not successful at all, the organiser didn’t do enough to bring in the "Right" Crowd. Even though there is an Black&White advertisement (Quarter Page) throughout the exhibition days, the crowd is weak and not targetted.

Hope they do their homework next time before coming to Singapore to do Trade Shows like this.



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