Lasik Sugery Clinic or Boutique Whorehouse?


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Lasik Sugery Clinic or Boutique Whorehouse?

I was shocked when I heard this story. A true story.

The Prologue.
SV saw an advertisement in the Recruit section about a month ago. She sent out her resume and promptly got a call from this place for an interview. It was a Lasik Sugery Clinic somewhere in downtown Orchard. She went to this clinic for the interview and got shortlisted on the spot. SV is very happy and excited about the job as the environment at the first impression is beautiful, lushfully renovated and belongs to the upper class. She also noticed that the girls working there are all very beautiful. She was offered the post of a "Marketing Executive, Medical Conciege" and due to start work the next week. SV was very happy about finding a job, she went home happy.

The Job 
SV was excited when she first started work. Being a newcomer, things are refreshing and new thus making the job very interesting. She was told that she has to go through a month’s training to familarise with the clinic’s services and products before doing some real marketing work.
There are 3 departments in the operations area. Front Desk (FD), Optometrist (Opto) & Operating Theatre (OT). SV is supposed to be "trained" in this 3 departments over the next 4 weeks. There are 3 female heads heading the 3 department of girls.

Tell-Tale Signs
SV realised that something was amissed when she really gets into the job. First, the clinic ONLY employs young & beautiful girls. And most of the patients are males ranging from age 22 to 50. Most of these girls are known to be the "clubbing type" with outraegeous hair and dress sense that includes "scatilly-dressed to almost see-all". SV got uncomfortable. And the patients are no angels either. On several occasions, some patients even tries to pick up SV by asking her embarrassing & personal questions, 1 even tries to get her number from another staff. It does not end there, in OT, SV was supposed to put on operation gowns for the patients. This gown involves wearing from front to back and back to front with shoe-strings fasteners that you have to wear and tightened in the same manner from front to back and back to front fashion. So, whoever who is wearing the gown for the patient will end up having very close contact if not intimate contact with the wearer. Many male patients took this chance to take advantage of the female staff. Sucks? Here’s more.

This clinic have this policy that those patients who came alone for the lasik operation, they are to be escorted to the taxi stand by a staff. This is another great opportunity for the male patient to take advantage of the female staff as the person escorting would have to hold the patient. Now, a lasik operation is not an operation that will make a person handicapped or what, rather these patients are acting softies and wants a pretty face to hold them and walk them to the taxi stand, like that also happy? Some even tries to put their arms over the shoulders of the female staff.

In another area, the Opto section where dripping eyedrops for the patients is involved, many of these girls got took advantage here as well. The staff is supposed to hold the eyedrop and while holding on to the patient. Sighz. What a crappy clinic. The front desk is not spared too, some of these patients who came back for their reviews, they even named the female staff that they preferred to serve them! Whoa!!! Like some typical Karaoke with mamasan man?!?!?! They choose the female staff to serve them and even address them by name! Might as well give number tags to the staff and operate like a Karaoke right?

SV got more shocked when she found that most of these female staff are all employed under the name of "Marketing Executive"! There are at least 15 such marketing staff when SV joined. Some of them have been doing this "training" thing for months already! She got even more shocked when she was told that they DO have a quota as they are supposed to sell this eyedrop in packs of 10 boxes to the patients! And as A marketing staff in this clinic, they are required to help out in any of the 3 department whenever someone needs help.

What kind of Marketing Executive is this???? No work desk, No name cards, No company based email address, wear a uniform, do what a clinic nurse does, have to punch card, got overtime pay, 6 days week…etc. This is what a Clinical Assistant does! This has certainly nothing to do with Marketing man?!?!

Sleazy and crappy as it is, the Boss of this clinic organise a monthly "company dinner". SV got shocked that the upcoming dinner is to be held on board the Boss’ personal yacht. That means once the yacht hits the international seas, anything can happens with no help at hand! And they can’t choose to leave anytime until the yacht returns to the docks. Plus, the Boss may also invite his business associates and those male regular patients to come along. Can you see where this is going? And they just recently announced another gathering which the Boss has organised, a party at Zouk and made compulsory. Again, is this another cover for the real agenda of the bosses? Or for Patients to attend with the girls and make their selection of a potential victim? How scandalous can a sugery clinic be when such time after office hours are made to be a compulsory time for staff to attend company related activities?

SV started asking questions. She found out that the company ONLY employs beautiful girls. Some of these girls has been doing such "Marketing" for many months and has not even done a single marketing related activity. Why is it that people are resigning all the time and why the real Marcom responsibilities are not shared with all Marketing staff? And why staff are forced (put nicely) to return on Sunday as well to do overtime. They tried to lure the staff with "$100 per hour". they expect all the staff to be singled ladies with no other "committment".

She checked with her colleagues do they get molested or taken advantage by the male patients and they all replied in unison that this is the norm. WTF???

Many of these girls joined this clinic thinking it is an Marcom job but turns out to be of a different nature of jobscope. It is no difference from a nurse plus the additional stress and risks from the perverted rich patients who will take advantage of the girls at every chance. Such a job nature is more of a Boutique whorehouse that provideds cos-play illusion in the form of pretty nurses to satify these rich and crazy bastards more than a true blue Lasik Sugery Clinic!

SV has tendered her resignation together with a few colleagues who joined with the same mindset.

Beware if you are applying for a Marketing Job. Make sure you ask clearly what is the job responsibilities before you commit.

This clinic has definitely misused the title of "Marketing Executive".

I wish SV well to find a better job soon.

* Below is a picture example of how some of the "marketing executive" are dressed. A clinic? Or Karaoke.

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