International Brands vs Regional Brands vs Local Brands.


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International Brands vs Regional Brands vs Local Brands.

Some brands cast indefinite impressions while some don’t.
Some brands simply outlast, outlive, outsell rival brands. Sounds like Survivor-Brand Series?
In the consumer market in Sillypore, it is indeed a Survivor Real-Life.

International Brands vs Regional Brands vs Local Brands .
Let’s take the example of Coke (IB), Anything (LB) & Kickapoo (RB).
I am sure everyone is familiar with the 3 drinks above.

Coke (International brand) is basically spending billions worldwide capturing (Advertising) every segment of every market.
The same operandi modus applies to all countries that Coke is available. 
There are no targetted audience and everyone is a potential Coke drinker. Having a beverage name that is shorter than your name helps. Even non-English Educated folks knows how to pronounce "K-oake". They strive on million dollar endorsements by Movies Stars and Singers trying to brand the drink as a hot choice year after year. The faces will change, Coke remains Coke. And it is simply the drink to drink if you can’t decide what you really want on a hot day. Any drinks that comes chilled, sweet, nice to look at and easy to pronounce became an easy choice. Locally, it is based on such grounds that the brand survives all the way from office crowd to blue collar to heartlander and even senior citizens.

It is a survivor brand from any angle, but Coke sales has already reached its peak. Great efforts have been put in to push for more sales. From packaging to premiums and even price reduction during festivities didn’t really make a mark increase in overall sales. Even new Flavoured Cokes were once experimented for new market, but didn’t do quite well either.
I am sure you guys would remember Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke & Lemon Coke apart from the usual Coke & Coke Light. The market has became "Stable" for them, there are only this much of Coke Drinkers, that’s it. This is what most people would call "Brand-Market Saturation". Nope, Coke can’t sell any much more than what is already selling. Maybe that is the best an International Brand can acheive.

Kickapoo (Regional Brand), a lemonade based carbonated drink that has presence in Sillypore, Muddysia, TaiTaiLand, IndoMeesia & Flippings has done a pretty good job. Good job as in they are not into "offensive marketing", silly TVCs, star endorsements or flooding the market with corrupted flavours of the original drink. Kicakapoo has long captured its market since the 80s. I am very sure that many of you who were born from 1965-1984 are extremely familiar with this drink.

So how does a regional brand that does not market itself agressively survives in a fickled-minded population like Sillypore?

I call it "passing down". Personally I am one of such cases whereby the parents order this drink in front of us, the children when we were really young. This can of green, yellow and a little red pour out a glass of yellowish liquid that is enough to thrill kids like us. As kids, we were of course curious and delighted when we were given a "sampling sip". That is it. That was how I got hooked to Kickapoo for a really long period of time. See? No multi-million marketing budget, but the brand simply lives from generation to generation.

Amazing? That’s not all. Ask any Joe on the street, they know Kickapoo as well as Coke. So who is laughing in the shadow?

Anything (Local Brand) launch recently together with its sister co-brand Whatever has caused quite a storm. The whole beverage industry were shaken by the sudden entry of this 2 drinks. The brand use cleverly executed ad campaign that are localised and pack with humour. That cast a long lasting impression and that actually prompted many curious consumers to "try" out the drinks. While "trying", the novelty of having the colourful can on your dinning table seems to be hip and trendy and many "trying" consumers were automatically converted to fans. Simple? The company probably spent less than a quarter than what Coke has blown for ads, but acheived the desired effect fast and cheap. Many other brands sees an overnight drop in sales while Anything & Whatever sees a sharp increase in orders. Some outlets even ran out of stock. Amazing?

The drink also incorporated a Fun factor into its line of drinks, when 2 brands are actually 12 different drinks. 2 packaging and flavours are randomly packed. Initially launch to target consumers who are fickled-minded and undecided, the drink has became an icon. A Sillypore Icon overnight. Market share were taken by surprise by Anything & Whatever overnight. I am glad Anything & Whatever were launch at this time, at least I managed to witnessed to see the launch of an icon in this lifestime. 

Coke may be an international brand with a huge advertising budget. But there are only this much they can do due to the culture and consumers habits that may not be similar to consumers elsewhere in the world. They may have tried or still trying, but they will never be able to hit 100% of the market, this is Sillypore culture.

Kickapoo’s regional presence will be sustained for another generation or two, with more choices and trendier alternatives available in the market, soon their market share will dip due to market forces and the need for new taste and brands. They are in an urgent need for rebranding should the brand wish to survive another decade. In 1980s, there are only a few prominent brands in Sillypore. Coke, Fanta, Sinalco, Sarsi, F&N, 7-Up & Kickapoo. Today, there are more than 25 brands and kinds of beverages available off any shelf anytime. They have to act soon or face extinction.

Anything & Whatever is making waves through every sector at the moment. The brand understands what local consumers need and the brand serves to fill this need by supplying. Delivering fun was never an objective by other drink manufacturers until Anything/Whatever came. Thye have capture the hearts of many Sillyporeans and from the way the brand is heading, I am sure they are heading for a long sustainable success and continuing to wins fans from other brand loyalties. Local Brand can do well too.

So you go for Brand?

Whatever. Lah.

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