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Weeks ago, I’ve heard a couple of comments from various sources.

I was kinda shocked (actually) when I heard the comments, feedbacks about me.

The positive ones are;
– Some said I was a helpful person.
– Some said I was humble.
– Some said I am someone to look up to.
– Some said I am an example to many.
– Some said my acheivements are worth commending.
– Some said I made my name in the industry through sheer hard work.


– Some said I am a proud person.
– Some said I am arrogant.
– Some said I am a show-off
– Some said I am nothing-trying-to-be-something
– Some said I am just playing too-hard-to-get
– Some said I am acting cool.
Didn’t know there are such comments on me all over the place. From Media Agencies to Media Owners, I believe in my years in the industry, I am bound to be hated by some people and liked by some as well. Its a 50:50 ratio and I guess being in this industry, I am subjected, no, everyone is subjected to such comments and becoming topics of gossips or even to the extent of slandering. For whatever motives & purposes best known to them only. For those who knows me well will beg to differ. Seriously I have made many good friends from Media Agencies as well as other Media Owners through the years, but I am also sure that I had offended people too, hey that’s part of working life isn’t it? I try to be nicer and more humble, let’s see if I still hear any of such feedbacks in a few months’ time.

Stay tuned. 

Below is an SMS from a Media Owner to me. Thanks KL! 
A child asked his Father: "Why do I need to be humble?"
Then the Father said : "When you choose the Lowly path, there is no place to fall and the only way is Up."

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