Expenses Vs Performance


Originally Posted On January 22 2007 at "Media Singapore" (http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/

Expenses Vs Performance

My expenses went up.
My petrol bills went up.
My HP bills went up.
All because recently there has been a drastic increase in sales appointments and also the joining of a new staff, YL.

I really find myself on the super fast track of Outdoor Media since last week. Everyday is challenging, Everyday is full of surprises.
Best of all, Everyday brings new problems alongside with new clients.

My company is growing, faster than expected. I guess I will be able to judge my own performance from my ever-increasing expenses.
Hey, may not sound relevant but indeed that works as a gauge for me.

As the operation has moved faster, I am trying to make my staff catch up my pace or they will be left behind, far behind.

I hope they will catch up or I may have no choice but to leave them behind and eventually, ………………….

Just as I was trying to end a Super-Long Monday, another meeting is about to start….

Good Luck to me.


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