Effie Singapore Keynote Lecture & Awards REPORT


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Effie Singapore Keynote Lecture & Awards REPORT

A Night to remember….

Last night at the Effie Award Singapore, I had mixed feelings throughout. Many big shots of the media industry were there.
I was happy to be there, don’t get me wrong, but feelings is feelings. I met a few people that brought back many sad memories that I tried to forget and some people that I had not seen for ages….. So it is not easy to decribe such a feeling. It is like a mixture of sadness, happiness, confused, anxiety and yet revengeful…

Of the people I met, Yeo Siew Kim (My ex-Boss) from MediaCorp, Adeline Tiah HSBC (Ex-MobileOne), France Ho (my ex-staff) Safara Radio, Patrina Chong, Arianne, Peck Suan & Lisan from OMD (Long time never see them already), Lynn Yeoh, Hui ying, Jein Yi, Shu Fang (Also long time never see them) Meiling from DDB…etc. I don’t know why, but the people above created the mixed feelings that I had last night.

Also saw people like Harpreet Singh (ZenithOptimedia), Deepika Nikihilender (ex-Mindshare), Tan Ching Koon (AGI), Melisaa Ho (Starcom) but didn’t get to say hello due to the large amount of people.

Got to know new faces like Shay of Moove Media, Abigail from Aquent, Roger from Yahoo! and a few others from The Economists and ACP. It is really a true blue industry night.

As for the food, Ahem* (No offence Jennifer – IAS), it could have been something more simpler than a Fusion line-up. The middle-aged lady from Moove Media sitting sitting beside me at the table keeps complaining about the Food. Ha ha ha. The presentation is 10/10, but taste is barely a 6/10. After all, its Shangri La.


The lecture is an eye-opener. VIP Guest Speaker Craig Davis, Chief Creative Diretor JWT Worldwide made his point and his viewpoint clear and sharp. In my earlier arrticle, he is 1 of my idol. He is in fact a Legend in the media industry having done incredible creative work for A-brands throughout the world. Go www.wikipedia.com to find out more if you wish to check out his credits. He made a very valid point about today’s media channel. Consumer has advanced, so has the media vehicles available. Consumers view Brands differently and Brands has to start to talk to the consumers differently as well, if not? Be left behind.

I was glued to his words during the lecture even though I was darn hungry, I mean what else is more important to hear your idol talk, and see him in flesh! Ha ha ha.

craigface.jpg– Craig Davis, JWT Worldwide, my Hero.

The Awards this Years are good, Good Quality Advertisements by Good Quality Agencies.

Marketing people dun save on Ad agencies.

Jennifer from IAS has promised to post the pictures taken last night when everything is sorted out and uploaded.

I will post some pictures when those are ready.

Stay Tuned. Keep Talking.


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