Effie Keynote Lecture 07 & Effie Singapore Awards 07


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Effie Keynote Lecture 07 & Effie Singapore Awards 07

Finally Effie Singapore Awards is coming to an end.

The 40 Finalists can be viewed at www.ias.org.sg

This year’s Finalists has shown good quality campaigns than the year before. At the pace the market is developing, consumers being the smartest of all, has a penchant for good ads that only leaves an impression, it must be meaningful, humourous or even entertaining to watch.

So picking the best 40 has not been easy especially when I was doing the judging during the first round. Statistics with no official sources, wrong presentation, wrong category…etc mean out with no leniency. That is how strict the juding process is. This is cool because that means there are no compromise when it comes to quality and being fair to the entries.

Tonight is the Presentation Dinner for the Awards Winners as well as the Keynote lecture from guest speaker Craig Davis from JWT Worldwide. He is a Legend in the creative arena and i am really excited to be able to meet this guru in person tonight. Tonight will be the night where "The Best of the Media Industry" gathers together in a single venue.

I am looking forward to it. 7 more hours to go..

*Pic taken from www.ias.org.sg without permission (Jennifer, if you ever see this, Thanks!) 


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