EFFIE Awards 07 – The Judging Experience


Originally Posted On April 120 2007 at "Media Singapore" (http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/

EFFIE Awards – The Judging Experience

Yes, finally its over. We completed the first round of judging of the elite ad campaigns of various categories.

Today is probably the best day to do catching up with faces that I’ve not met for ages.

Hmmmmm, I met Melissa Ho from Starcom (last met her in 2002), met Adeline Tiah from HSBC (previously met her in 2004 when she’s still with MobileOne, met Germaine from Starhub (which both of us can’t remember when we last met cos its been so long)….made some new friends from McCann Erickson and especially the cute and chatty french guy, David from BBDO.

Ok, back to the judging, whoa, I tell you, this is a fierce competition. Even though I am not to reveal any brands/entries outside the judging room, but I can tell you those are renowned and famous brands or giants in the industry. Their ad spend is huge and many remains familiar to me looking at their creatives or watching their TVC. Well, as promised, I kept my judging professional and fair, even though I know most of the creatives is submitted by which agency, some that I like, some that I hated.

I totally enjoyed the experience today and hope the winner will emerge soon.

If only the aircon is turned down a little and the scoring sheet can be made simpler.



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