Does Taxi Ads Works when the Driver Idles?


Originally Posted On July 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Does Taxi Ads Works when the Driver Idles?

Yes. I know.

Taxi Again.

While I was out for an appointment earlier today, I went to a client’s place which requires me to park at a nearby HDB MSCP.

When I found a lot, I noticed there’s a Taxi parked on my right with its engine running.

Saw the driver sitting on the front passenger seat reading newspaper and digging his nose.

Air Pollution aside. I was wondering why this fella choose to take his break at a time which is considered as "Peak"?

At peak hours, this is also the time where there are more passengers on the road and that will also means more people will see the ad on the Taxi which in this case, the "COURTS Advertisement (10xCredit Campaign)" is deprived of exposing the ad to the public when there is the most people and the highest visibility. Not in the carpark! Advertise on Taxi? Pick the right drivers.


* 1 more day to Holiday.
* Met 2 Road Idiots Today.
* Total 9 Road Idiots Encountered.
* Drank 163 cans of Whatever and 22 cans of Anything

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