Directions are Meant for Directing


Originally Posted On January 29 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Directions are Meant for Directing

Directions are equal to confusion if politics is part of the package. And with directives (directions) set in, people are supposed to be clearer on the directions to take, not to be further confused or even lost their way.

Recently, I’ve got staff complaining about a particular team leader (again) on his political ways of handling and managing them.
I’ve tried all ways to let/make this team leader (Let’s call him Cow) work as a team, to stop his shallow working mindset and sees things more maturely. But despite after several attempts to change him, my other junior staff started to get affected. The management even stepped in weeks ago to have a so-called "Confrontation" meeting. Promises-to-change were made during the meeting, but in 3 weeks, things is back to ‘normal’. Maybe promises at work were really made to be broken, I don’t know. It’s a tough situation here. Everyone seems lost.

I have started to review all my staff’s overall performance. Yes, its about time. I have new staff who came in and started performing like they have always been in this business and I also have staff whom, even after giving them tons of leads and after working in the company for many months, still works and behave like a amatuer sales executive. A good mix? Maybe, if each of them operates on their own, I wouldn’t care much because they will still function, but right now, we are talking about a team. I mean, would you let a stubborn cow lead your sales team? The sales team is responsible for the company’s profit, performance and lifeblood. A cow will only bring the team to Neverland and graze on grass. See the difference?

I am indeed pissed with this cow. I respected his salesmanship, but his leadership totally sucks. I don’t know how to put it across as the only word that I could summarize about this cow is, still Sucks.

I hope the younger calves will learn how to seek out better pastures to graze on and to be independent for the cow will one day be gone. Be it act of "God" or "Self-destruction", either way, it will happen one day. For all you need is, a clear direction. A clear perspective of your goals. Your objectives to be met. Be it salary, job satisfaction, advancement or purely what you wish to learn from "God".

"God" set directions clear, for he knows there is no "either" "or", it is only a "yes" or a "no". He reminded all the calves daily of his directions. He make sure he takes time to teach, to lead, to clarify and to assist. This is "God" ‘s duty. He wishes his calves to grow up strong and smart like a bull. He is not grooming another cow herd, he is grooming a new breed of fighting bulls. These fighting bulls will one day overtake the cow so fast the cow won’t even realised how far the calves had ventured far away from him. He won’t realised how strong and smart these fighting bulls are. Seeing that he is nothing but a grazing cow, and having lost all the chances to learn, he is left far behind, very far behind.

The vast pastures has no more place for a singled-minded grazing cow, the familiar grazing ground has evolved into a bull pit. A fighting pit to be exact. The cow will be stepped on, attacked & pierced by the sharp horns of the bulls. It will be a terrible death. Unimaginable?

Never go against "God". He determines which direction you will eventually take. But he always gives you choices to made. It is YOU who made the decision. Not "God". Remember this.

JP: If You are reading this, I have given you enough space and room to grow. It is up to you now. Everything will be clear once the appraisal is out. I am using a HR System that is used worldwide for determining a staff’s performance. You still have time to grow, find your directions back and be a pit Bull. The Cow is not your threat. Your only threat is yourself. Outperform yourself and you will find that you have the potentials that you never realised you had them all along. "God" is with you if you wish to learn from him. "God" never gives up on people, he only gives up on people who gives up without trying hard enough. You will succeed if you want to.

EL: If You are reading this, my only advice is, don’t feel lost. The one that is lost is the cow, not the calves. The calves is much smarter and much street-smart. You have a flare for doing media sales and you have all it takes to be a great manager one day. You must have trust in "God", did he ever lets you down? When you go to "God", did he ever turn you down or ignore you? "God" help all those who helped themselves. You are one of those who wish to succeed and be somebody one day. You are already doing well. "God" has eyes everywhere. Just steer back your directions, ignore the cow and learn to be a fighting bull. One day you will be one of those who stepped and pierce the stupid cow. You’ve only heard of "Mad Cow Disease" right? No such thing as "Mad Bull Disease" ok? Just maintain your standards, you will succeed. I assure you.

YL: If You are reading this, "God" reward those who work hard and punish those who made mistakes. You have seen how "God" work. He creates miracles as well as planned for calastropics disasters. He is "God" after all. You have proven to be an excellent media sales person, only thing is, you need more polishing. Your attitude is right, your curiosity is commendable, your hardwork is appreciated. Whatever you do, don’t get lost in the thousands of directions in the fast paced media industry. Be clear-headed at all times. You will succeed well one day.


BS, you were not invited to read this, but if you happened to read this, let me take this chance to tell you something. All of us except you, thinks differently, has a different values and culture. Most of us came from the media industry and I can tell you something, step out of the herd and you will not survive in another media company. For in media, individualistic people will not survive or live to see their next salary.
You are clearly different from all of us. You were given the whip to lead the younger ones, but if you leads them to destruction, I will make sure you will be in another universe before that happens. If you leads them to the right path, you will be rewarded duly.

After all, "God" determines your future. Don’t try to be too different.

So get your directions right, don’t be lost. All of you.


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