Creative Outdoor Advertisements & Campaigns


Originally Posted On July 2007 at "Media Singapore" ( Advertisements & Campaigns

* Revlon Ad. The creative fits perfectly into the surrounding. Good choice of location.

* Duracell. This is another good idea, very creative. These bozes are actually power grids outlets
and the creative basically show what Duracell Batteries are capable of!!!!

* – This creative is very cool. By pasting "Moved to" on vacant shops,
it just further enforce the theme of moving businesess online!!

* MINI – This extra long Mini is made for the campaign. What it is trying to say, a MINI may look small,
but it is actually Big in many ways

* Kill Bill Advertisement. Creative use of lift door sticker. Bill is "Cut" into half by use of a clever
idea of putting the sticker of the person "slaying" inside the life wall. Interesting.

*Tropico – This advertisement really catch attention. You know the rest of the story…. 🙂

* For Husband Ad. I do not know how authentic is this advertisement, but if this is true,
I give the thumbs up to the "wife". This is probably the most creative way to talk to someone.

*Banner Ads from Online to Offline.  Must be a geek who thought of this idea.

*Swiss Air – The picture already said a thousand words. Very very creative.

Nice Pillar wraps!!!

* Pizza Hut. That’s really "Cheesy".

*Pantene. This is no ordinary advertisement. Look properly you will notice that the background of the advertisement

is crumpled but the model’s haif is smooth and straight. Good Idea?

*No Smoking ad. This campaign has taken things too far.

Body Odour? Using sliding door, the creative shows a horde of peopleat will just make way for you
when you walk through the door and supposedly you have body odour. Ahem. This may offend some people though.

* This is a real toilet. Its a showcase for the company selling the chromed set, but this is also a test set, means
potential customers are actually invited to try it out, in full view of the public!!! You dare try?

*Thai Massage advertisement. This use of floor sticker is cool. Most traditional thai massage involves the massues
to stand on the back of the person that is receiving the massage. So whenever someone walk over the creative, it will
create the visual of a person getting a massage!!!!
*Valentine’s campaign. Well Cupid’s arrows are nothing new. But in this case, it sure works!
A Vending machine that gives you a magazine and goodies?
This promotional "vending" machine features a "Live" hands and voice.
*Vodka ad, Look properly. Get the joke?
*Look at the mouse. Coincidental or Purposeful?
* Yoga centre ad on a flexi straw. When a user bends the straw, the creative also features a person "bending" in yoga stance.
Very cool idea!


* Drank 179 cans of Whatever and 25 cans of Anything
* Met 2 Road Idiots Today.
* Total 31 Road Idiots Encountered.


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