Clever Advertisements on the Tarmac


Originally Posted On March 21 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Clever Advertisements on the Tarmac

Let’s take our Ad-Police out to the streets.

Reserved Parking Lot for Drunk Drivers. Very well thought of since many of those irresponsible drunkards drives and crashed into trees.
Come on, the trees are innocent.

Folgers’ Coffee. A very clever creative. making use of the steam vent from the ground, mock it up to look like a coffee cup top.
I wonder how the coffee which smell like drain will attract consumers. (To drink)

Nike. This bus stop were "bashed through" with glass pieces on the ground make the creation super realistic. (10/10)

Nokia N-gage. This ad attracted complaints rather sales. This creative features an basement carpark where some members of the public took it negatively and translated the campaign artwork into something else. The second one which features a quiet street littered with papers caused some discomfort to some as well.

How stupid people can be, if only they are as humourous as Singaporeans.
nokia1.jpg untitled4.jpg


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