China Blames Media for Bad Publicity on Food


Originally Posted On July 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

China Blames Media for Bad Publicity on Food

Saw from the news that the China Government is pushing all the blames to the Media for speculating and reporting untrue facts about the food industry in the mainland.

I believed many of us would have received emails complete with pictures on how China canned their food, what did they REALLY use to produce the food…etc. Some is far from hygenic and some simply makes you puke.

It takes to 2 hands to clap.

Why only now they realised their food export is high but seldom with repeat order? Why push all the blame to the media for reporting? If there are really nothing wrong, would the reporters have anything to report? They think reporters too free or what? And what will the Media gain by sabotaging the food industry which accounts for a significant percentage og China’s export index?

Think and stop blamming the Media.

* 1 more day to Holiday.
* Met 2 Road Idiots Today.
* Total 9 Road Idiots Encountered.
* Drank 162 cans of Whatever and 22 cans of Anything

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