Botak Lim, Rojak Koh & E


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Botak Lim, Rojak Koh & E

"Marketing" is Bad Word if you don’t understand what is the ordinary meaning of this word. Worst still, abused it.

I came to know of such a man who does not full understand what "Marketing" means, best part, he has his own perception of how it shold be. (I almost died laughing)

He know nothing. Honestly nothing.

Let’s call this man Botak Lim. He has a trusted assistant who help him runs his business, let’s call her Rojak Koh.
They found a Marketing Executive recently to help them market their brand, let’s call her E.

E was excited when she was informed that she has been invited to fill a marketing position in this company. She set out plans to make this brand a more prominent brand in the market. She started doing what her predecessors had not done. She was in fact doing a great job and she is enjoying it. She busied herself with Press Ads, Looking for an ad agency, do tie-ups with magazines, launch promotions with Credit card companies, redoing the company logo, working out new packages…etc. Anyone would know she is doing well and working hard.

Then barely 1 month into the job, Botak Lim became a changed man. He started to cast doubts on E and kept putting her down by citing that she is not experienced enough, she is not doing enough, still no results…etc. Best part, he expects to have TREMEDOUS Results immediately after he run a small little 10x 20 Black & White Ad in some chinese newspapers. Kauz! Anyone in the right mind would know that Ads has its own cycle of ROI and response time. Where got today advertise, tomorrow got result one? Apparently Botak Lim know nuts about marketing. And he claims that E is not doing her job at all. That is a sign of ignorance from a man who really knows nothing about marketing.

Damn it, marketing is all about background work with results that varies. Even the basics is broken down into Above-the-Line, Below-the-Line and Point-of-Sales. E is doing all 3 at the same time, how come Botak Lim be so unfair and said those hurting words? This Botak Lim really dunno anything lor. And I heard Botak Lim recently even ask his assistant Rojak Koh, which is a manager, to go give flyers on the streets together with the retail staff. He claimed, that was marketing too. Come on, Rojak Koh is like a GM running all the 3 branches of his shop. (1 just closed down 2 days ago, Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)

Kauz. "Marketing" = "Give out Flyers"?? What kind of a crazy and stupid man is this? Mad! I started to suspect if this Botak Lim was educated or not????? Why don’t he say "Marketing"="Go Market buy vegetables"? Siao ah? E of course, hurt by this ignorant man who thinks so highly of himself. She had done all she could. Mostly backend work that people can’t see, but the damage is done. She is hurt but for the sake of the job (because she likes this job), she endures all the unkind words by Botak Lim and still tries her best to push for the brand.

Sometimes an ignorant man, a stupid man can be a silly and heartless man too. After being so incredibily impatient with results, he think he has enough and ask E to go. (E joined Only 3 weeks plus mind you) He then told Rojak Koh that he is looking for an experienced consultant to come in to join which also means Rojak Koh (GM cum Consultant) is now under risks of losing her job as well. Mad mad Mad!!

Now I understand why Botak Lim keeps complaining to me that all the "Marketing" people he had employed in the past all didn’t do their job.
Hey, I believed he has probably employed a number of good marketers, but all left because of his impatience to results and unkind silly words. Being inconsistent with marketing staff is a major concern. Branding will be sloppishly done and the style of work varies from marketer to marketer. Then who suffers? The Business will bleed like hell and the consumers will be confused and as a result, the brand lost credibility in the market and heading for a slow and painful death.

This Botak Lim is a classic example of an idiot Boss. At one occassion he even pulls out an advertisement copy he advertised in Malaysia and he ask E to follow the artwork and text. WTF?!?! The advertising rules and regulations in Sillypore is very much different from a third world neighbour, how to apply the same copy to a sophisticated market here with those "Ah Beng" advertisements? Mad! Either the Health Science Authority (HSA) or Media Developement Authority (MDA) will go after Botak Lim for advertising those copies. Bad taste.

E will be leaving in a few days time and Rojak Koh, being one of Botak Lim’s most trusted aides is also leaving once she finds a better job and a better Boss. At least one Boss that is brighter than Botak Lim, the Idiot.

*This company is heading for this Road.

Botak Lim, if you get to see this article One day (Bet you won’t cos you dunno even how to check your email),
the message below is for you.

And Yes, after dealing with you then I realised what "Stupid" really means.
There are some marketing courses in the schools now, go on, take up the course and learn, before that, please learn English.
Hope your business will head the same way when Rojak Koh and E left it.
One way to bankruptcy.


*This company is a haircare company that has 3 branches in Singapore. Bugis Village, Orchard Meridien & EastPoint Mall.
Orchard Meridien Branch has closed down 2 days ago and the company is losing an average of $30K every month.
This company is B*S*I* Haircare.

Coincidentally, Botak Lim also owns an Interior Design Firm with 11 Branches all over the island. C*T*D*S*G* Group. This company also advertised for staff almost every week. Maybe the same situation as what happened to B*S*I*, all leaving because of Botak Lim.


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