Bad Yellow Orange, Cool Green Apple & Silent Red Cherry


Originally Posted On May 25 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Bad Yellow Orange, Cool Green Apple & Silent Red Cherry

There are 3 prominent-similiar Clients that the industry currently has.

Red Cherry (RC), Yellow Orange (YO) & Green Spinach (GS).

In 2001, RC was No 1, YO was No 2 & GS was No 3.
Today, RC has dropped to No 2, YO was dropped to No 3 & GS was upgraded to No 1.
I am doing a project for Yellow Orange (YO) recently at 1 of my sites.

Through my years of working with this client, I have had many problems. I guess the problem lies with them.

I really pity the Ad Agency (OMD) for having such a nasty client. They are known by media agencies, media owners as one of the most Big F**K client. They pick the smallest fault and try to get away with payments, or simply seek compensation for the sake of seeking. In simple words, they are no longer respectable in the market by all levels of the industry.

We installed 4 pillars for YO at one of our sites. We installed the pillars using SOP standards as set down by the landlord and the authorities. Even the material used are of high quality. But a big shot from YO went for a cruise recently and saw the pillars. "She" raised hell. She claimed that our materials enables others to have a "See-through" effect and she can sees her old ads beneath the new ads.

We explained that most of the pillars are done in that manner throughout the whole site and she demanded that we redo everything for her at our own costs. Prior to that, we had 2 pillars that were installed wrongly, she’s obviously trying to gain more out of a mistake that is equally shared by OMD, HG3, ourselves? We as the media owner at the end of the line get the blame in the end.(As usual)

I remembered clearly in the past when I work with GS or RC, whenever there is a problem, these 2 client will listen and understand the problem and we will all work together to resolve it, putting blame on someone’s table later after the problem is settled. For YO, I don’t understand why they are so extreme as a whole. In the past when I was doing publishing, I remembered an incident where the ad appeared wrongly in the wrong position or we used the wrong campaign artwork to run. In the end they got away with free ads or claimed the fault against us. It is indeed a client from Hell.

The ladies from OMD were helpful enough to help us brave the storm from YO. Thank you Peck Suan & Arianne.
Even though when we finally found where the fault lies in the 2 mistakes that we made, still I think the parties responsible made considerable efforts to rectify this whole issue.

Yes, we make a loss this round, but I believed this amount of money that we lost is worth it because now we know exactly how b*sta*d this account is and we will NOT to do business with YO or give them priority ever again. Likewise I believed they had offended many other media owners. Maybe they still think they are No. 2 in the market, sadly, no one dares to confront them and make them realise how low they have stoop to get away with a few thousand dollars. Rather, the brand they had buillt over the last 10 years is ONLY worth these amount of cash.

I rather work with the Cool Green Spinach or the Silent Red Cherry.

We are going to get thing right for them once and for all. Probably the last for YO..

YO – To Hell with your Sun Shine. You are already a Setting Sun. I regretted using your line for 10 long years.

RC – Hope you will squeeze those orange out, somehow. You have been keeping rather quiet. Need a new agency?

GS – Good Job, Keep it up. ZenithOptimedia is doing a really good job for you. Stay number 1, I will switch to your side when my damn contract ends with YO! And thank you for supporting my sites and the past support you’ve given directly or through your agency!
You may be green, but certainly growing at an alarming speed.


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