Awards & Recognition – Is It Important?


Originally Posted On July 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Awards & Recognition – Is It Important?

I am sure many of you (Media Owners) had visited ad agencies that displays numerous Awards, Plaques & Certificates at their reception or service area.

A show of acheivement or show off?

A marketeer was chatting with me earlier over the phone. He was thinking of changing his ad agency citing that this agency had "disappoint" him in many areas. I didn’t probe further so I asked him what exactly is he looking at in selecting an ad agency.

He told me the agency must have 3 "A"s, great accolades, awards and able people.

I told him many add agencies would fit this criteria, however I find that it is interesting that it have to be an award-winning agency.

He told me that back in his country (He is an expat), only agencies that had won several awards are eligible to pitch for his account.
Funny isn’t it? If only those agencies that won awards can be considered? Does that means that the smaller or new agencies will have to service tiny micro clients all their life?

I tried my luck by introducing him a few smaller agencies, some local. He is not interested at all.

He mentioned that if he got one of those smaller agencies, he has problems reporting to his head office in X country.

I gave him the numbers to MediaEdge CIA & Mindshare, before I hang up, I told him to go fly kite.

Awards-Winning agency or not, both does the job. Don’t you think so?
I hate stereotyping marketeers. AK, if you are reading this, wake up, this is Singapore, not "X" country.


*AK is a Senior Marketing Manager with one of the few hundred Ang Moh Companies here.

* Drank 175 cans of Whatever and 25 cans of Anything
* Met 1 Road Idiots Today.
* Total 23 Road Idiots Encountered.

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