Aquarium Media?


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Aquarium Media?

Was at Suntec City recently and saw some nicely done up aquarium with a plasma TV submerged within the tanks of fishes.

Something caught my attention, "AquaMedia" stickers were pasted all over.

I kept quiet and continue to admire the nice fishes swimming when I heard a little boy mumbered something to his parents,

"Daddy, why there’s a TV inside the tank?"

"Why you bother about the TV, just look at the fishes!"

I giggled. That is exactly what I expected to hear.

A good idea? A stupid idea? I really dunno.

It seems that more and more avenues are being exploited for the sake of advertising dollar and there’s no concern if the Ads spoils the simple "beauty" of soothing one’s soul and enjoy looking at fishes doing their thing.

Today I spotted more of such "Media" at the linkway between Viviocity and Harbourfront Centre.

And today when I spotted this tank with Ads running from the TV and sound from the speakers on the sides, I laugh my head off.
There’s this guy gazing all over the tank then he stammered to himself and say something like,

"Siao, like dat also can! Who would bother to look at the ads when people’s key attention is the fishes and how the tank is being decorated!"

Another young guy were heard saying to his GF,

"Aiyo, put TV inside for fish to see ah? And the graphics on the TV seems to make the fish look less attractive and the TV screen has less richer colours probably due to the moving water."

I had a little laugh and left. I wonder what will happen if the water proofing of the TV is not well insulated? Electric shocks to the innocent fishes? Or a bigger scale power blackout just because of a broken underwater plasma? I hope the company will be ready to answer for it when it (might) happen one day.

The simple pleasure of enjoying an aquarium view is now perverted by plasma tv, bad enough? No.

Advertising has also found their ways to other everyday items like….SAM Machine. Was paying my bills yesterday when I saw the Pizza Hut  Ad on it. Wah! Pay Bills also must be forced to see ads!!!!! Piangz.

But from what I have noticed from the people in the queue, nobody even pay attention to the ad as the reason why all the people are queueing is to pay bills, loans, FINEs…etc. Who cares about Pizza anyway????

Pizza Hut must be advertising blindly, if not, must be their ad agency (M) got conned again by whoever media owner who sold these ads
to them. Maybe the gals at (M) thinks they are getting away with a darn good deal and everyone else laughing away with this "strategic media buy", hahahaha, What a joke, what a joke.

Spotted something different as well. Found an AXS machine inside a DBS branch. Hmmmmm anyone knows anything about this? Is this a possible merger between DBS and AXS? Or did DBS buy AXS out? Let’s wait for the Press Release.


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