Anything & Whatever – Nice.


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Anything & Whatever – Nice.

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user : Camemberu (Thanks!)


After much tasting, testing and trying, I realsied I fell in love with "Whatever", the Non-Carbonated Version of the new drink that hit the shelves recently. I do not know how to descibe the flavour as it was a lottery of 6 different tea, but it definitely quench my thirst during the heat spells for the last 2 days. Somehow, it leaves a lingering taste on your mouth after consumption and the drink is not too sweet.

For Anything, please consume it while it is still cold and chilled. Once it turn room-temperature, you wouldn’t like it. Anything is also a lucky pick of 6 drinks, carbonated, but on ground, it tasted more like Spirit to me, the good people at Makansutra described it as "near Kickapoo" another classic drink. Hmmmm. There are both good and bad reviews so far, but I guess the trend has catched on, even typical "Uncles" are trying it. If only the Drink-Servers are briefed properly on these 2 drinks. Yesterday my experience;

At a Hawker centre somewhere in the West of Sillypore…
Kopi-Kia* : "What you want to Drink?"
Me           : "Whatever"
Kopi-Kia   : "Simi Whatever, Ai Sim Mi?"
Me           : "The New Drink Whatver."
Kopi-Kia   : "Orrrrrr, that one, with or without Gas?"
Me           : "No Gas please."
Kopi-Kia   : "OK, No Gas."
*Kopi-Kia, A local term, name of the person going around a food premise and take orders, and serve Drinks. Typically Hokkien and middle aged.
That was my exxperience hahaha, kinda funny. Almost similiar to the TVC that were running for weeks.

I bet the campaign will Bag a few advertising awards. Never seen such a funny and interesting TVC for a long long time since the "Kikkomman Soya Sauce" TVC back in early 2000.

Have You tried?


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