Another Round of Spoofed Ads


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Another Round of Spoofed Ads

OK, here is another episode of Banned Advertisements , Rejected Advertisements and Spoofed Creatives. Enjoy…
1) Finally there’s an Official Drink for the Pimps…..PIMPJuice!!!(Why would anyone consider this puny product name?)

2) Marilyn Monroe will probably sue this fella.

3) It’s a thin line between sexy and porno….

4) Now, drunk Lesbians that loves Barcadi? Or, After Barcadi, you start stripping men. Which one?

5) This is SUPER NO-TASTE! Promoting Child Sex?

6) Knorr campaign A & B. These fellas has no blood except soup… I dun this idea if these ads are shown to children…

7) Ah, now you tell me why this ad is banned…

8) And this too, you know why this ad got banned?

9) No No No. Guys would never do that unless the girl has a face that got run over by MRT.

10) Does a naked Model work for this campaign targeting middle-aged women? Wrong move.

11) Ahem, what is Gucci thinking of? You know the message?

Hope you enjoy this installement….

Lastly, to my friends who think their job sucks, think of this guy below who has a thankless job.
SD.jpg * Dun shoot me….


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