Agency A vs Agency B


Originally Posted On April 30 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Agency A vs Agency B

At a Press event recently, I was at my usual "Spying Mode". This event involves quite a huge list of attendees from the ad agencies and creative agencies. We all know by now that the Media Industry in Singapore is not bog, practically everyone knows somebody from somewhere, with that environment, there are fostered friendships as well as rivalry…etc. So at an event like this, there are bound to be interesting conversations or even "fights"…etc. I was trying to land a 2nd helping at the buffet table when I heard this conversation.

JY : Hey! How’s things over at XXXXXX?
SD: Good! Busy but Good!
JY : Great to hear that! Hope you are able to hold out longer there.
SD: Excuse me, I dun get you, what do you mean?
JY : I was from there before I came over. And you are filling in where I left off.
SD:I see, so you were not good enough, no wonder they ask me to join and clear your mess.
JY :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s another..

BH: Hello! Thought you might not attend today’s event.
TS: WHy not? My agency is renowned, how can we be left out?
BH: No Noo, I dun mean that. Heard your agency just won XXXXXX account and you might be too busy to come.
TS: Oh sorry, yeah, we just won that account and everyone is packed hehehehehe…
BH: Then why are you here?

Fun eh? I wish more Industry-themed event will be organised. Maybe a cat fight or something should do good as entertainment too.
*Coincidentally, more 80% of Singapore’s Media Planners are Female.


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