A New Found Friend In Media


Originally Posted On January 17 2007 at "Media Singapore" (http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/

A New Found Friend In Media

Today, an impromtu interview were arranged with a respectable trade magazine……………….

VT came across as a down-to-earth person to me. Even though I’ve been talking to her on the phone, emailing her and heard her name being mentioned on many occasion, today we met face to face and got introduced officially for the first time.

Like any other interview, we started chatting by concluding a starting angle. I found that she is a veteran herself in the industry and someone who has been through probably more than what I had personally experienced. As we chat, we realised we had many common friends in the industry, we were once "competitor", we hated the same magazine, she made headlines with a male-oriented magazine (Which I happen to like) among others.

The whole interview were filled with laughter and heartwarming exchanges. I will be looking forward to the article being publish.

VT, you’ve been a great friend. Rest assure that I will be the biggest fan of your magazine. Not only I will advertise, I will get my peers from other media owners & ad agencies to support as well. We need an independent voice like your magazine.

Cheers! VT, Cheers!


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